How to make this a Meaningful March with Women’s Day & Mother’s Day?

Let’s make this a Meaningful March! With International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day fast approaching this month on the 8th and 21st respectively, it’s time to celebrate the empowered and empowering boss ladies around us, it’s time to celebrate yourself for all your love, sacrifices & determination in working towards equality and eliminating gender bias. Here’s how you can celebrate these two meaningful days in the best way possible!

1. Choose to Challenge

This year’s official International Women’s Day campaign theme is Choose to Challenge. This movement acts as a call-to-action to challenge gender bias and inequality by seeking out and celebrating women’s achievements. Be a part of this notion and show your support on your social media by raising your hand and using the hashtag #ChoosetoChallenge.

Choose to Challenge

2. Cook for her

After everything that they do for us, Mother’s Day can just be a small yet an extremely meaningful opportunity to treat the moms with the best of the best and let them know how acknowledged their efforts are. Go that extra step and cook for her some of her personal favorites!

Cook for her

3. A virtual coffee date

If you’re miles away from your wonderful mom, decide a time mutually and organize a cute virtual date for the leading lady of your life. Make sure you both dress up and have a stress-free soothing virtual date that you both deserve. To make it even more special, get her favorite tea-time snacks delivered before your virtual date for her to have the time of her life, or well at least the time of her day in between the hundreds of all-rounder tasks she has!

Boss Lady building her Empire Mug

4) Acknowledge the achievements of those around you

Empowered women empower women. This is something we have commonly heard but let’s take this up a notch by recognizing and acknowledging the endless efforts of the women and mothers around us by a small gesture of kindness, a small gift as a token of acknowledgement and appreciation. Personalize your gifts and make them more meaningful from Inkmash for the boss ladies of your lives and let them know how special they are!

Speak your Mind Canvas Bag

5) Fundraise

Get involved in a fund-raising activity for charities in your country or anywhere around the world. Help raise funds to support women & everyone across the globe and in all areas; most importantly, in education. Yet again, empowered women empower women and there’s not a more powerful tool in the world than education, awareness and visibility.


6) A video montage

With everything being virtual in the changing turn of events, reminisce your favorite moments with the leading ladies of your lives in the form of a cute little video montage! Send that video montage across to all those featured in it to remind them of what they mean to you or in what way have they empowered you. Rise and shine!

Video Montage

These are just some of the many ways you can uplift, empower and appreciate the strong women around you. It does not have to be grand, just a small thoughtful message, a short call or any other gesture enough to make everyone feel appreciated, acknowledged and worthy. Be your own force, ladies!

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