Printing Methods

We have a variety of different printing methods and techniques that we use to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for in terms of quality, budget and durability. Most methods have limitations; some methods are great for small orders and others great for bulk orders. Some are good for spot color artwork and some better for photo/graphic multi-color artworks. Our experts can make suggestions and guide you for your requirements at any time. Just get in touch đŸ™‚


Heat Transfer (Paper)

One of the most common methods for retail t-shirt printing where we print the artwork on a piece of paper and then transfer/press it onto the product. It however has an A4 print size limit and cannot be used for more complex artworks on colored t-shirts.

Recommended for:

  • Photo prints With It
  • Artworks that are A4 size or below
  • Best results on light color t-shirts